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Sven and Elena make it to the location of the captured girl, who’s about to be killed by Train. They’re unable to save her and wind up having to make an escape. Later, Elena takes off her wig, revealing to Sven her true identity. She’s actually a purple heard girl named Rinslet “Rinse” Walker. She also explains that the girl they’re looking for, Eve, is actually a bio-weapon. Meanwhile, Eve is sent on a new killing mission, which she easily performs. Sven meets up with her when he’s out and buys her ice cream. Eve enjoys eating it and feeding the cone to the birds, as Sven demonstrated to her. Sven also promises he that he’ll take her out to try more delicious food someday. Then some people come for her and she willingly goes with them. She thinks about the promise while the car drives away. Sven reports back to Rinse and then heads out after Eve.

Okay, I said I was going to watch this subbed but I’m a wee bit too obsessed with it to wait. In fact, I watched the second episode twice. I’ll probably watch this one once it’s subbed again anyhow. This is pretty easily my favorite show of the season. Aside from the fact that my favorite character, Saya wasn’t in this episode I found myself loving every minute of it. The large amount of Sven screen time in this episode made me happy, though of course having this happen reduced Train’s amount of scenes. I can’t wait until the group gets together so I can watch both Train and Sven. As for the other characters, Eve is very interesting. She seems to be the typical enigmatic mechanical girl, but she differs from them. Rather then being a cute, innocent young girl she’s both a killer weapon and a cute, innocent-acting young girl. I don’t care so much for Rinse at the moment, though she hasn’t gotten much development at all. She was cool on the preview though with her kick-butt martial arts skills so I’ll probably have a different opinion on her next week.

I've come to understand why fangirls swoon over Train Why is there a purple frog on Sven's apron? Rinse isn't really blond Sven is corrupting poor Eve's mind

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Cool, Rins has my name~! Love Train

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