Yukari is studying at the library when George shows up. They discuss their goals in life and Yukari is surprised to learn that George doesn’t mind that she talked about herself so much. Later she learns from her brother that George called the house to find out where she was. After school she goes to the altier and accidentally discovers that Arashi and Miwako are involved in a sexual relationship. Isabella apologizes for this and goes to make Yukari some tea, but they’re out of it. Yukari and Miwako go out to get some more and Miwako mentions that she saw Hiroyuki’s picture in Yukari’s book. She was very close friends with both Hiroyuki and Arashi since she was young, but recently neither she nor Arashi have been in contact with Hiroyuki. Yukari notices that this saddens her and decides that she wants to be able to stay in contact with her new acquaintances. She agrees to the modeling job and later they all throw a big party for her. She winds up drinking too much alcohol though and passing out but George takes care of her. Later he takes her bag so Yukari chases after him. In his own odd way, he was getting Yukari’s attention so he could clean off her lipstick and keep this a secret from her parents. He’s unable to get it off though, so he leaves and Yukari heads home.

We now have yet another well done episode. I’d like to read the manga again since it’s been awhile and I’m curious to see how accurate this adaptation is. Nothing seemed out of place to me though, so I guess if there were changes then it was nothing major. I’ve always found Miwako’s back story with Hiroyuki interesting. Since this is only supposed to be 13 episodes, they’ll probably get more into detail about it soon enough so I’ve got that to look forward to. George is already starting to get very creepy. His behavior toward Yukari almost seems stalker-like. The odd thing is that he’s still very gentlemanly in behavior. That actually makes him even more creepy. Yukari seems to be attracted to him though, but she still likes Hiroyuki. It seems like he returns the feelings, considering that he complimented her hair. Time will tell what’s to happen with Yukari’s relationships, or you could just read the manga. I highly recommend it.

How can George see with his hat like that? Yukari's brother trains to be a shrewd business man Kawaii! Don't suck the fork down too

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