Asami accidentally runs into a student named “Erosaki” who’s infamous for being a pervert. It’s believed that he likes to film pornographic videos of girls. Asami starts to get very concerned about this, but at the same time curious when Erosaki asks if he can film her. One rainy day, Asami takes a train but winds up involved in a mugging scene. She’s saved by Erosaki, who accidentally breaks his umbrella. Asami feels a bit guilty for this and also for not thanking him. She soon learns that Erosaki was just his nickname and his name is really Iwasaki. She goes to his house with a new umbrella she bought for him. While there, she learns that he wanted to use her in a film for a school project. He found that she was the most fitting girl for it, though it also turns out that he liked her. Asami freaks out, but his sister then comes into the room. Unsurprisingly, she’s Iwasaki-sensei. Asami goes home and Ichimaru surprises her by bringing her cheesecake. She’s reminded that she only loves him and doesn’t want to give her body to anyone else.

I enjoyed these two episodes just for its cuteness, but the amount of fanservice was a bit ridiculous. One good thing though is that for the first time, Sasuke didn’t annoy the heck out of me. I found it odd at first that there would be two characters named Iwasaki, so I guessed that this boy would have some relation to Iwasaki-sensei. I was right about that, and this was kind of amusing I suppose. I’m excited to see what happens next, though it seems that the normal tensions will be back. This can get a bit repetitive, some I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised again.

Surprisingly, not all of Asami's fantasies are perverted Sasuke gets sparkly eyed over porn Interesting pose. Someday I should try it Yep, this episode is a reminder as to why this show is in the ecchi genre

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