Fate is introduced into Nanoha’s class and is mobbed by questions from other students. Later, Chrono and Amy discuss the book of darkness, which uses powers from the linker cores to fill its pages. The existence of this weird dinosaur creature is mentioned as well. Meanwhile, Signum takes Hayate to the hospital, where it’s learned that her condition is worsening. She’ll have to get harder treatment. After school, Nanoha and Fate discuss their new opponents. Fate is reminded of the way she used to be. Meanwhile, Hayate and Suzuka meets a the library again and Viita and Zafira beat that monter seen earlier, getting more pages for the book of darkness. Later that night, the Space-time Administartion sends out members to surround Viita and Zafira. Chrono is with them and attacks, but is unsuccessful in hurting them. Luckily though, the Raging Heart and Bardiche are fixed. Nanoha and Fate arrive on the scene and with the Raging Heart Excellion and Bardiche Assault, they transform and are ready for battle.

To my utter annoyance, this episode took four days to download, not to mention that it still features the Main Concept logo. I didn’t notice it as much this time though. As for my review, this episode was pretty light but still enjoyable. It was rather cute that Fate spent a large amount of the episode blushing. Viita in the morning was cute too. I can totally relate to her, being that I’m not a morning person at all. Why must school start at 5 AM? Also, I was amused by the scene with Chrono, Amy and the orange juice. Amy’s no longer fangirlish over Chrono, but they still have occasional cute interactions. This is sort of off topic, but I was browsing the animesuki message boards the other day and noticed that there are a lot of people supporting the Chrono/Nanoha or Chrono/Fate pairings. I can see where they get Chrono/Nanoha from, but I just can’t see him with Fate. If anything, Fate seems to like Nanoha. Well, whatever. As I said, that was just kind of random. Getting back to the episode, I think Nanoha and Fate’s new transformation scenes were a bit overblown. I hope they’re not so long in future episodes. Maybe they’ll do them both at once like on the OP. Anyway, I’d love to see their new weapons in action. They just had to end the episode right before the battle. Darned cliffhangers.

Ugh... mornings  Fate seems a bit overwhelmed here XD Nanoha has a new transformation Fate now gets a transformation

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