The episode begins with a girl named Junko running into the hospital, screaming something along the lines of “Please save Candy!” Candy is her dying dog, by the way. Unfortunately for her, Candy dies. This leaves her heartbroken. She thinks about all the time she spent with Candy, like the day she got her, when her parents died and Candy was the only one she had left and all the general happiness Candy bought her. The vet’s assistant, Sekimoto-san, learns that the vet was a very corrupt man. He mistreated the animals and ignored Candy’s appointment to go out with his friends. She tells this to Junko, who is now furious. After hearing two girls discussing Jigoku Tsuuchin, she decides to go there. As usual, Ai’s grandma informs her of the request, Ai gives Junko the doll, and the whole boring spiel is explained to Junko. Junko is terrified at the though of burning in hell, so she decides not to pull the string… for now anyway. The next day, Junko and Sekimoto head to the vet’s office to investigate. They of course see that he is a corrupt psycho. Junko pulls the string, the vet gets haunted, Ai shows up and he wakes up on the boat to hell. Same old, same old. Then a hoard of dogs and cats crawl all over him. Junko thinks about Candy and her dead parents. However, she knows that she’s not going to see them again since she’s destined to go to hell.

There’s still no sign of a plot here, but I really liked this episode. Maybe it was because of all the cute animals. Scratch that, it was definitely because of all the cute animals. I definitely understand Junko’s sentiments, but I still don’t think she had to kill the guy. It would’ve saved her from going to hell. When I doctor does something like what this vet did, the appropriate thing to do is to find a good lawyer and sue him for tons of cash. I suppose that would make the show less interesting though, but at least it’s more realistic and sensible. Okay, I should stop complaining because I do like this show. I just hope it gets away from the filler thing soon. It has serious potential to become a great series if it does.

*sob* poor Candy Candy was so adorable as a puppy Our jerk of the week Boo!

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Oh, so sad about Candy

Comment by Mary 11.03.05 @ 9:49 am

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