Sven and Rinse fight there way into the place where Eve is being kept. Train happens to be heading there too and causes a great deal of destruction. Sven and Rinse get split up. While Sven and Train are headed one way, Rinse discovers a place where monsters are being created using nano-technology. Sven winds up reaching Eve first. As promised, he gives her some delicious food, at least if you consider gum delicious. ^_^ The two have some cute reactions briefly but are discovered by Train. Eve creates a blade with her arm to defend herself against him. Then the man who’s keeping her (can’t remember his name) and several guards show up. Sven is surrounded by gun man and What’s-his-Name puts some sort of chip on Eve that makes both her arms transform into blades. Now in an insane killing mode, she begins to lash out on Train. Rinse appears from a panel in the floor, surprising everyone. This gives Sven an opportunity to escape. He manages to remove the chip from Eve, but gets stabbed by one of her blades. He seems to be okay though. Eve and Rinse sit with him while he lays on a bench to recover when Train shows up again. He points his gun at Eve, but remembers what Saya told him and leaves, heading back to the rooftop where he met Saya. She happens to be there.

This episode just had me in awe. I’d heard about Eve having powers but didn’t expect them to be so cool. She was totally insane in this mode. The scene where Sven stopped her was very impressive. It emphasizes that he really cares about her, as he didn’t mind putting his life in danger. I’m also curious about a scene towards the very end. There were some people watching the events on a monitor who certainly look suspicious. It also seems that they’ll be important in next week’s episode. I’m now thinking that they’re probably members of Chronos. I’m still anticipating the implied team-up of Sven and Train, as well as more Saya. With much to look forward too, I’ll again have difficulty waiting for the next episode.

Taken only so I had a cap of someone other then Eve Eve is mytified by the bubblegum Alyssa is back? Cool looking colors here

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