Haruka, a Mai-Star shows up to aide Arika in saving the audience of the fight. Because of all that Arika did though, she’s allowed to become an Otome. Nina can stay in the school as well though because she was clearly the winner. Arika is given a uniform as well as some rules. She’s not allowed to have sex with men because the y-chromosomes will destroy the nano-machines in her body. She goes to her room and meets her roommates, Nina and a girl named Erstin. Nina refuses to be friends with Arika. Erstin explains that this is because all students are rivals. Only half the students get to rise to the next level, the Pearl class. Only a handful of these people become real Otomes, Mai-Stars. Meanwhile, Natsuki and Shizuru discuss that Arika and Nina’s rooming arrangement was intentional. Natsuki wants them to be good rivals, just like she was with a certain person who is obviously Mai. At lunch time, Arika meets a few other girls: Irina (red hair, glasses), Lilie (tall w/ dark brown hair) Yayoi (short w/ dark purple hair.) Miya (orange-ish brown-ish hair) and Tomoe (teal hair, class rep.) These girls, as well as Arika and Erstin discuss the money Arika has to pay to be in this school. None of them had to pay, but since Arika has no family aside from her mother that she barely knows, she has no other choice. Mikoto then shows up and causes trouble, so while the other girls leave, Arika goes to get her clothes washed. She puts them in a basket because there’s no room left in the washing machines. That night, Arika and Nina both think about their dreams. Someone walks into the washroom and picks up Arika’s uniform.

My biggest thought at the moment is that I’ll be quite surprised if Arika isn’t the real princess. Anyway, enjoyable episode. I’m getting more attached to this series. Though the previous episodes were fun, my thoughts that this would be terrible compared to HiME have been keeping me from getting into it. I’ve pretty much come to the realization that this is a separate show. When I think of it as something separate, I like it a whole lot better. The concepts of this Otome school are pretty interesting. The majority of the students won’t ever become Otomes, so it’s not a good idea to have friends. Getting too close to someone would make it more difficult if you were chosen but they weren’t or vice versa. Still I hope that Nina will at least try to open up to people other then Sergei a little. All the other students seem to have friends. Next, Mashiro’s really been getting on my nerves. Having her be a stuck-up brat was fun at first, but sometimes she can be flat out obnoxious. I’d like it if her character would develop a bit.

Another character that hasn't changed Arika's roommates Mikoto acts just like her master Arika looks much different with her hair down

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