Shinku is reminded of Sugintou and won’t fight Barasuishou. Before Barasuishou can finish Jun and Shinku off, they’re saved by the rabbit who returns them to Jun’s house. Shinku explains to Jun that since the final Rozen Maiden was now awakened, the Alice Game must commence. After Jun and Nori leave for school that day, Suiseiseki gets a bit annoyed at Hinaichigo and tries to scare her by making her think Shinku is mad at her. She succeeds at this, but it turns out Shinku’s not. She orders Hina to get her some tea, but seems a bit unenthusiastic other then that. At the school library, Jun thinks about his conversation with Shinku. Shinku had told him not to tell the others what happened. He goes to look at some books that may give him information on the Rozen Maidens, but is distracted by Tomoe. Jun leaves, but Tomoe notices what he was reading. When Jun gets home, he sees that everyone is worried about Shinku. He goes up to talk to her, but SHinku refuses to tell anyone. The next day, Souseiseki kicks Hina and Suiseiseki out of the room and forcibly opens up Shinku’s box. She tells Shinku that if her problems are related to the Alice Games then she has to talk. Meanwhile, Tomoe meets Jun at the library again and invites him to go to a local doll shop. The man working there asks if Jun is Tomoe’s boyfriend, but she denies it. Then he shows them around. After they leave, the worker goes into the backroom and speaks to a man who resembles Father. When Jun gets home, he gives all the dolls music boxes that he bought for them as presents. Shinku informs him that she told all the others what happened. Shinku puts the music box next to her Kun-kun collection and seems to be back to normal.

I was quite pleased with this episode. Rozen Maiden is a great show to watch on Halloween. Jun and Shinku seemed to be having a bit of a role reverse, which was interesting to see. I’m glad Jun (as well as Souseiseki) were able to help Shinku get back to normal. Still, I wonder if she’ll still be able to fight in the Alice Game. Also, will this generate into something like the HiME battles if the Alice Games have to continue? It’s interesting to hear that Tomoe doesn’t see Jun as more then a friend. I wonder how Jun feels about her. Actually, he probably has a loli-doll fetish and will wind up with Shinku. XD I can’t wait to see what happens next. We’ll finally get to see the 6th Rozen Maiden, Canaria.

Nori gets no love. Here's a cap of her Hina in driving Suiseiseki crazy Muahahahaha! I'll eat you Hina! He's certainly intriguing

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