Asami and her friends fail a volleyball spiking test at gym and have to stay for detention to practice. Iwasaki-sensei, who happens to be an expert at volleyball tries to help them but accidentally hits Ichimaru in the head with a ball, knocking him out. She takes him to the nurse and tells Asami and her friends that they should finish practicing. Asami wants to see Ichimaru though so she goes there. Iwasaki happens to be out o the room at the time, but when she comes in she sees Asami and Ichimaru about to kiss. She’s curious about this, but Asami leaves the room and goes back to the gym, only to be hit by a volley ball herself. Iwasaki-kun comes to visit her in the nurses office. He decides to take her home and Iwasaki-sensei will take Ichimaru home. Neither Ichimaru nor Asami are pleased and they wind up escaping. When they get home they assure each other that they’re not involved in relationships with the Iwasaki siblings.
In the second half, Asami has to study for a test. Ichimaru is upset that he can’t do anything for her so he decides he’ll do all the housework. However, he’s awful at it and Asami winds up having to constantly come in and help him. Also, she can’t concentrate with all the noise he’s making. To make things worse, Sasuke shows up. He decides to help Ichimaru with the chores. At first he proves to be useful, but then he starts a water fight, making an even bigger mess. Sasuke leaves, but Ichimaru is truly sorry for what he did. He buys a cool book and makes breakfast for Asami the next morning. It’s not particularly good, but Asami is pleased with it because she knew Ichimaru did his best for her.

These were fun episodes as usual. The first one was pretty typical, with Iwasaki-sensei causing trouble for Asami and Ichimaru’s relationship. Now Iwasaki-kun is thrown in as well though to give things a change of pace. It’s quite convenient for Iwasaki-sensei to think her brother has a relationship with Asami, because it makes it easier for her to get Ichimaru. Unfortunately for the Iwasaki’s though, Asami has no interest in Iwasaki-kun. The second one was particularly neat. It shows Ichimaru’s love for Asami. He makes a pretty bad housewife, but the fact that he wants to help with the housework is something I respect in a man. Even though he and Sasuke made a mess of things, in the end he wound up helping Asami by making her morning work easier and cheering her up. Who knows if she’ll actually pass that test though. I’ve got nothing to say about next week’s episode because this weeks preview was one of the most vague I’ve ever seen.

Nice catch Iwasaki-sensei is a champion volleyball player Making a mess in the kitchen Sasuke's causing trouble as usual

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