Yukari sets up a surprise meeting for Miwako and Hiroyuki. She hoped that Arashi could be there too, but he had other things planned. On the way there, she notices George, but is surprised that he ignored her. Miwako is glad to be able to see Hiroyuki again. In the past, she tolf him that she never wanted to see him again. Hiroyuki is over it, but glad to see Miwako again as well. Yukari had left them to be alone and goes to the Altier, where George ignores her again. She confronts him about this and George tells her that he’ll satisfy her on Saturday after her classes. Later, Yukari meets up with Miwako again, who gives her a picture of her and George on from her initiation day. Yukari is impressed to learn that she wore a dress George created during his first year at his school. She then asks Miwako about Hiroyuki. Miwako is pleased that she’ll listen. She first asked if Yukari is involved with Hiroyuki, but she replies that she likes someone else. Then Miwako explains that Hiroyuki and Arashi were both so close to her. When she got involved with Arashi, he told her that they’d have to break up if she stayed close to Hiroyuki. She decided to be with Arashi. Yukari tells her that she probably chose Arashi over Hiroyuki because he was a more important person to her. Miwako agrees. When Saturday arrives, Yukari gets annoyed that George didn’t call her. She calls him and he says that he was waiting for her call and to come over. Yukari goes to the Atlier and George asks if she really wants to be involved with Parakiss. Yukari does and they have their first kiss. It doesn’t last for too long though, because George gets a phone call from Arashi.

This was another amazing episode. I really adore the dark undertones in this series. Yukari’s relationship with George is the most interesting. It’s pretty clear that they both like each other, but George isn’t the type of person to have a normal relationship. He expects Yukari to take the steps if she’s really serious about him, but because Yukari expects George to do so, they’re already having difficulties. Also, it seems that when George really likes something, he’s passionate toward it. He’s obviously passionate for fashion, considering the dress he made. I’m sure it was difficult to create something of that quality while still in school. This could also explain his stalker-like behavior toward Yukari. Their relationship certainly won’t be ordinary. Speaking of relationships, I feel bad for Hiroyuki, He’s been dumped by two potential lovers.

From the scene used in all of Tokyopop's promotional art Himitsu Goemon vs. Lupin Yay! Kiss scene

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