Everything is as wild as usual in Jun’s house. The dolls are driving him crazy, so he questions why they have to stay in his room. Shinku replies that it’s because Jun’s his slave so Jun’s things are hers. Meanwhile, another rozen maiden, Canaria, is spying on them. She’s not having much luck though, because she keeps falling off the roof. She decides to try sneaking into the house when Jun leaves, but fails. She again fails when Nori leaves. Her next goal is to ring the doorbell. She does this repetitively, driving the dolls mad. Then the boy who likes Nori shows up to ask her out, also ringing the doorbell. Suiseiseki dumps a bucket of water on his head. Canaria tries the window next. She’s about to get through the bathroom window, but Hina and Souseiseki walk in. She’s forced to hide, but the two are called downstairs and Canaria finally makes it in. Downstairs, everyone but Suiseiseki is watching Kun-kun. In the kitchen, Suiseiseki hears a noise and screams, so everyone comes to see what’s wrong. She heard a sound, so the dolls decide it’s a robber. Shinku dresses up as kun-kun and they begin a hunt. They’re having no luck and Souseiseki is taking Shinku’s glory, so she decides to take a break and sends Hina to make her some tea. Hina does this but is called by Shinku again, dropping a piece of paper on the stove. Jun, who met up with Tomoe earlier, go to the doll shop again. Father is busy at work making more dolls, for who knows what purpose. Back at the house, Canaria is in the kitchen. The paper that Hina dropped set on fire, so she freaks out. The other dolls discover he and Suiseiseki puts out the fire. Shinku repairs the room but takes some of Jun’s energy to do so. Jun feels this and gets worried. He comes home only to discover Canaria. Needless to say, he’s not pleased about having another doll. Shinku’s not to happy either but this is because the Alice Games are going to beign.

I came into this episode prepared to hate Canaria because as much as I like Hina, I didn’t need to of her. At least I can say she’s somewhat different. Canaria has a bit of a diabolical side it seems (in a cute way, not a Sugintou way.) I’m not sure if I particularly like her character, but not for the reason I thought I’d dislike her. Aside from that, this was a pretty cute episode. The kun-kun bit was pretty funny. It looks like this series will be taking no time to switch into its darker phase though. It’s time for the rozen maidens to battle. The first fight looks like it’ll be Barasuishou vs. Souseiseki. It should be a pretty good fight but I’m a bit worried for Souseiseki. Usually the first one to fight in this kind of thing winds up losing. The Alice Games aren’t exactly friendly, so this could mean bad things for her.

Canaria Remind me never to try to rob Jun's house Sometimes one must question Shinku's idol worship of Kun-kun Barasuishou's pleased that the Alice Games will commence

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