Yukito and Misuzu go to Kano (I’ll be calling her from her first name from now on) and try to help her when her sister shows up and is a bit angry. They then leave. Yukito decided to go over and get his paycheck, but is surprised when he hears them talking about strange things. He imitates a cat so he dosn’t get caught, except for the fact that they don’t own a cat. This scene was so hysterical, but unfortunately didn’t make a very interesting cap. Anyway, he dosn’t get busted for it because they don’t really seem to care. The next day, Kano goes to Yukito to say that Potato is missing. The two talk as they search and Kano says she dosn’t remember anything from the previous night. They discuss her “magic”, which she says has something to do with the bandanna that’s tied to her arm. Then Yukito remembers that he put Potato behind a bush by the school and they get him back. Later, he and Misuzu meets up with Michiru and Tohno. Tohno knows about the flying girl as well from a book that she read. When they get back at home, Misuzu pesters Yukito about playing cards, but then Kano’s sister comes and tells them that Kano’s missing. They quickly find her, though her eyes are glowing green and she tries to choke Yukito. Kano’s certainly mysterious, and I wonder what will happen next episode. The preview looks good and it seem like this particular story arc will end. I’m guessing Tohno’s is next.

Capping Potato has become obligatory Yay! More Michiru Something's definitely not right about Kano Who would've guess that sweet girl would be the psychotic type

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uhm its really cool

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