The Happy Seven all get hairclips and when only two are left, Mina and Nami are offered clips. However, they turn down the offer because the clips aren’t identical and they don’t want to be different. The two go to bed but see a strange light so they head outside. It turns out that there’s a monster so they transform and fight. The monster, Magatsugami, possesses mirror-like abilities and creates a duplicate version of Mina. Nami’s not sure which is the real Mina and picks the real one. The other Happy Seven then show up and the monster flees. However, Mina is now angry at Nami for not recognizing her and the two get into a fight. Kuriya thinks that they’ll be over it by the next day, but she’s wrong. The two stop speaking, confusing everyone in school. Kikunosuke later confronts Nami about this, who’s very upset about what happened. He tells her that Nami is Nami and Mina is Mina. It’s okay if their different. He gives her the clips and she goes home. Mina was listening in. They discuss the matter when they get home and it’s settled that they can be different. Nami takes the flower clip and Mina takes the star clip. Now it’s time to fight Magatsugami. He’s using another of his abilities to trap the Happy Seven inside glass. He then pulls the same cloning trick. Nami is able to figure it out this time though and they defeat the monster. Later, Mina and Nami show off all their new deifferent accessories. Everyone’s happy now, though Amano is freaked out.

Mina and Nami kawaii! I must blog their featured episode!! As clichéd as this episode was, I couldn’t help but love it. It was such a cute, sappy story. I’m glad the twins were able to make up with each other. The show would just be too scary if they stayed separate. It just amuses me that they’re so identical. I think these two may replace Mahiru as my favorite (even with her awesome fish obsession). Now I just have to figure out a way to tell them apart, because I doubt they’ll wear the clips anymore. After all, they don’t have them on the OP and ED. Next weeks episode looks pretty cool, so if I enjoy it enough, I may blog it as well.

A transformation scene to please the loli fans Nooooo! Mina wa Mina, Nami wa Nami de gozaimasu Will Amano ever get a clue?

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Yeah I know. I’m not really sure how to fix it though. I hardly notice, since I mostly use AOL but I’ve had trouble with it on other computers. Any suggestions?

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Sorry for spamming, but the code isn’t showing up correctly. Basically, you have to use tables for your images. You can see the code in its entirety if you go to your admin page and look at my comment from there, or you can just use “page source” as well. Sorry, I’m so bad at explaining things. :(

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