Part one begins with Asami and Ichimaru having a discussion about the autumn sky, leading to Ichimaru inviting Asami to watch the stars with him alone. He takes the night shift at school and invites Asami to stay with him there. Iwasaki-sensei hears that he’s working late though and decides to make dinner for him and stay with him. Asami is upset when she arrives and sees Iwasaki-sensei there so Ichimaru chases home after her. He tries to explain what happened, but Asami’s to upset to really pay attention. To make things worse, Iwasaki-sensei now thinks that there’s something between Ichimaru and Asami. She reveals this knowledge to Ichimaru in the second half. She promises not to tell anyone as long as Ichimaru stays away from Asami. Obviously he can’t do this, but he pushes her away once at school, getting her angry. As punishment, she cooks an incredibly spicy dinner. Ichimaru tells Asami what happened and she’s happy again, knowing that Ichimaru wasn’t in love with Iwasaki. They’re about to kiss, but obviously Sasuke has to show up to interfere. He asks if he can sleep with them because Sakura (supposedly) won’t be home until late (I’m having a hard time believing him). Asami allows this because she feels bad for him. Late, when Sasuke’s asleep, Ichimaru tells Asami that he’ll take her to see the stars for real some time.

Okay, I know I’m a sap. I find Ichimaru and Asami’s relationship entirely too cute and loved this episode even though they’ve had “Asami gets worried that Ichimaru and Iwasaki-sensei are dating” storylines entirely too many times. I loved the scene where Asami served Ichimaru the spicy dinner. It was quite funny. There’ll certainly be trouble now that Iwasaki sort of knows the secret. It was quite cruel of her to blackmail Ichimaru. I knew she was annoying but I didn’t think she would pull something like that. After all, she had an affair with a student too and hers was actually sexual. Pretty much everyone’s found out now. Sakura knows, Iwasaki-sensei sort of knows, Iwasaki-kun sort of knows (due to the phone call he received from his sister) and Asami’s friends have suspected something since day one. They’re certainly not doing a good job at keeping their relationship a secret. Since the series is almost complete, I hope they have the best of luck. I’m worried as to what else could happen.

Not what Asami wanted to see I can't believe how evil she was in this episode And now I'll add the poison Priceless reaction

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