Yukari’s upset about her lack of involvement at Parakiss. Whenever she asks if she can help, she’s just told that she should be studying. She gets to the point where she snaps at George for asking her to return a library book. She talks to Isabella later, who it turns out was just worried because Yukari’s still a student. He’s happy to hear that Yukari wants to help make the dress. Later, Miwako and Arashi baby-sit Alice, the daughter of Miwako’s sister, Mikako. George takes Yukari out for dinner as promised and they go back to Georges house afterwards. Throughout this time, Yukari’s been lying to her mother about what’s going on, because her mother is only interested in Yukari’s studies and wouldn’t approve. George objects to that and they get into a fight. She leaves and calls up Miwako. Miwako takes Yukari to her house but George returns for her. He really does like Yukari, but doesn’t want to get involved with her if she can’t understand him. Yukari is starting to figure him out and begins to feel happier, even though she still has to deal with her angry mother.

George is still pretty creepy. Some of his better qualities are shown in this episode though. It’s nice of him that he doesn’t want to be involved in a relationship with a girl who doesn’t understand him. It’s near impossible to understand George though. I think Yukari was the one who was wrong throughout this episode. Regardless of whether she’s happy with mother or not, she shouldn’t lie about such important matters to her. At least she has a family. George’s family life is pretty screwed. He’s lived alone since he was little. Even though he got a huge amount of money from his dad he still has one messed up family. For another matter, Miwako is such a great friend to Yukari. It’d be nice if more people were like her. It seems childish cuteness runs in her family, seeing the mannerisms of Mikako. Alice is quite cute. Her interactions with Arashi were pretty amusing.

Shocked chibi George Evil chibi Yuakri needs to be restrained Mikako is a bit intimidating Now Arashi's got a third crazy girl to handle

Completely unrelated, but it’s Matthew’s birthday today. Leave him a message if you haven’t already.

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