Shinku’s not the only one worried about the Alice games. Suiseiseki’s having trouble too. She doesn’t want to take anyone’s Rosa Mystica, especially not Souseiseki’s. Therefore, she doesn’t care about winning. She also needs to find herself a master. Her main choice is Jun, so she goes to his house. When it’s time to ask him though, she’s unable. Hina tells Jun that Suiseiseki really likes him, so she kicks him and leaves. Later, Jun’s out and it starts to rain. SUiseiseki goes to bring him an umbrella, but winds up arguing with him again and leaving. She then learns from Canaria that Barasuishou is lurking. They head out to warn Jun about this because Hina and Shinku are in danger. Sure enough, while Hina watches the rain, she spots Barasuishou, who breaks into the house. When the other dolls make it to the house they see a big mess. They travel through a puddle to a place called the Field of N. Shinku and Hina are safely inside there, but Barasuishou and the rabbit are there as well. The rabbit announces the start of the Alice games and uses puppets of the dolls (minus Barasuishou) to demonstrate. Aside from the Sugintou doll, which goes up in flames, the Shinku doll destroys all the rest. Everyone, particularly Shinku, is horrified to witness this. Jun says that it won’t happen, but Barasuishou obviously disagrees and starts to attack. Even all at once, nobody an win so Suiseiseki finally accepts Jun as her master. They’re able to at least retreat for now. Suiseiseki’s going to be permanently living with Jun now, so she says goodbye to Souseiseki. Of course, they live pretty close so that doesn’t matter much. Everyone’s okay now except for Canaria, who’s stuck in the puddle. She seems to be fine though, seeing the preview.

This wasn’t what I expected at all from seeing last weeks previews, but I enjoyed this episode a lot. I expected a Souseiseki episode but actually got a Suiseiseki one. I really think she needed character development, so this was a pleasant surprise. It’s good to hear that she does care about the others, because sometimes it seems that she hates everybody other then Souseiseki. She is indeed capable of being nice, but just chooses to be “evil.” Now she’ll have to be nicer to jun though… I think. ^_^ Up next is another mindless comedy episode, but the mindless comedy of season one was a blast, so no worries here. This seasons been pretty serious so far, so it can’t stay that way all the time.

This is how lacrosse is really played Didn't know Suiseiseki was capable of having so much angst Barasuishou's violent puppet show Jun becomes Suiseiseki's master

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