About me:

Name: My real name is Lisa. I’m not giving my last name for privacy reasons. I go by TL-chan, short for Turtle Lover, because it’s my nickname in real life. Those who know me know that I have a thing for turtles.

Gender: Female. That’s probably obvious from the “chan” suffix on my name and my penchant for bishounen, but in case you didn’t know, I figured I’d mention it.

Age: 18

Location: Long Island, New York

Interests: Anime is a given. I’m also very interested in writing. I like animation in general and adore American/Canadian cartoons if they’re well written. Favorites of mine include Beast Wars, Gargoyles, Superman TAS, Justice League Unlimited, Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of the Dragon.

Hobbies: I write original stories, as well as fanfiction. Most of my fanfiction is not publicly available and never will be. I also enjoy drawing. I’m not spectacular at it, but I’m good enough. I enjoy learning foreign languages as well. I’m taking Spanish in school and studying Japanese in my free time. Actually, I watch raws to help me improve my skills of the language, as they force me to constantly look up and memorize new vocabulary.

About me in relation to anime:

How I got involved: As a young child, I watched series aired on mainstream TV, such as Pokemon, Sailor Moon and the heavily edited version of Cardcaptor Sakura. However, I didn’t think of these series as anything more than ordinary cartoons, despite knowing that they were foreign. It wasn’t until about four years ago when I became interested in anime as a whole. I first became a fan of Dragonball Z, but even then I wasn’t inspired to watch other anime until a few months later. One day, I was taping an episode of DBZ for my brother and I caught the end of the show on before it. That series was G-Gundam. I saw the 4th episode and instantly fell in love with it. After that, I started watching the series everyday and went on to find as many anime as I could. The rest is history, I suppose.

My personal favorites: I would be hard pressed to pick one favorite genre, but when I look at it, it seems as if fantasy anime are what suits me best. I also enjoy mecha, but don’t watch it as much as I used to. A list of some of my particular favorites (not necessarily in order or up to date) include The Melody of Oblivion, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed, Soukyuu no Fafner, Peach Girl, The Slayers, El Hazard the Wanderers, Legendz, Girls Bravo, Magic Knights Rayearth, Fushigi Yuugi, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Black Cat, Noir, Martian Successor Nadesico, Mobile Fighter G-Gundam, Zoids Fuzors, Wolfs Rain, Madlax, Spider Riders, Happy 7, Turn A Gundam and Pretty Cure Splash Star.

About this blog:

Origins: I’m an impatient person. In the summer of 2004, I was watching fansubs of The Melody of Oblivion, a series which I fell very much in love with. When looking for sites about the series to get some spoilers, I came across a site called Blurry Anime, which I later learned to be an anime blog. There, I soon came to learn the Sugar was not the only person who had such a cool idea of running an anime blog. I soon found a couple of very interesting blogs on her blogroll, which I visited frequently. That wasn’t enough for me though. Being a fan of writing and someone who loves the idea of having people to listen when I rant about anime, I decided to start my own blog. “Shadows: TL-chan’s Anime Blog” opened that Agust, using Angelfire’s blogging tool. Abut a month later, I cam across my first problem as a blogger. I ran out of webspace. Therefore, I was forced to start another blog. I still used angelfire, because I couldn’t figure out blogger. Yes, I’m quite ditzy, so that probably was half the problem. “More Shadows: TL-chan’s 2nd Anime Blog” was then born. It survived due to using an alternate source for image hosting.

Phase 2: During the Spring of 2005, More Shadows as it was permanently collapsed. This had a lot to do with Gundam Seed Destiny. I adored the original Seed and found the sequel to be miserable. It ruined my once favorite anime for me. In addition, the majority of the anime that premiered during the Spring could not hold my interests, with Erementar Gerad being an exception to the rule (there was also Peach Girl, but that was still running from the previous season.) Considering that I was writing essays instead of sane entries at that time, it did not sit well to have to write that much about things I didn’t really care about. As I was falling under a depression due to personal reasons, all my anime and blog related troubles did not sit well, so I went on a long hiatus. When I returned, I posted a little more on my angelfire blog before contacting Maestro and switching to wordpress with Anime Blogger. I also changed my format slightly so my posts were shorter and less jumbled. I’m liking it a whole lot better.

Source material: Most of my footage, be it sub or raw comes from Tokyo Toshokan. Everything else comes from here. Be warned that if you choose to use the 2nd site, everything is either raw or subtitled in Chinese. That’s also why some of my screencaps have Chinese subtitles on the bottom. I also use the Japanese P2P program Winny a lot now.

Images: I used to always take four screencaps for each episode of a series. These four screencaps are basically whatever I want to cap. Keep in mind that I’m very character biased so if I really like a character, expect lots of pictures of him/her. I write a caption on each picture, which will be witty from time to time. Often it’s just stating that such and such a picture is cute, because I really enjoy cute things. I also like pictures of characters kissing/hugging, because I’m a romance sap. In the current time, I often can’t stick with just four caps, so some posts are spammed with images.

Spoilers: My posts will contain spoilers. As of late, I’ve tried to be less spoilerish, but I’m a big sucker when it comes to spoilers. I tend to gather as much information as I can about a series once I get into it. I’m sure that’s a bad thing and I know it’s abnormal, but I do it anyway. I also tend to reference other series if I’m reminded of them, so there is the risk that, for example, a Fate/ Stay Night post could contain a spoiler for Black Cat.

Innacuracies: As I often state, my posts are NOT 100% accurate. I watch raws to help me learn but my Japanese is far from perfect. Feel free to correct me if you see a mistake in my summaries. I won’t be offended.

Comments: I have the help of Spam Karma to stop spam. It blocks mass amounts of spam comments. Occasionally, it may block off real comments by accident. If yours doesn’t show up right away, then that’s probably the reason why. I will try and restore it as soon as I can.

On entry format: Generally, I’ll write a summary of the episode, followed by my thoughts about it. This section includes likes and dislikes, praising of what my favorite character did (or complaining about what they didn’t do), asking questions that often have no answer that is explainable yet and making speculations. My speculations used to always be wrong, but I’m pleased to say that I’m getting much better. Sometimes when I’m particularly busy or stressed I’ll write quickie entires. There’s no particular format that I’ll always use for them. They’ll just be substantially shorter than my other posts. Often they’ll contain less images, because it does take time to capture, resize, convert image format and caption.

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